Norge og Korrupsjon!

Av | 4. juni 2022

Terje Rød Larsen and his wife, Mona Juul.

1. On 4 March 1997, Økokrim, the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime, decided to fine Rød-Larsen NOK 50,000 for incorrect or incomplete information in the tax return for 1986. Rød-Larsen accepted the fine:

2. In 1999, Terje Rød Larsen, the then United Nations envoy to the Middle East, shared a $100,000 prize with his wife from the center which is named after Foreign Minister Shimon Peres:

3. From January 2005, Rød Larsen became the undisputed leader of IPI, and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has funded IPI to the tune of NOK 130 million over many years. Approximately, 45 million of these have ended in Rød Larsen`s private pockets.

4. At least five (5) donations from Jeffrey Epstein to IPI/ Terje Rød Larsen, totaling $650,000.00.

5. Terje Rød Larsen owed Jeffrey Epstein $130,000

6. Mona Juul, Norway’s UN Ambassador and Norway’s representative in the Security Council.

In 2002, when the price award was discovered, Mona Juul agreed to hand back her share, $50,000 prize to the Peres Peace Center, which had been funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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