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Av | 22. oktober 2022

Hello to all of you, our nice people from all over the world!
Since many things are written here on our site, we also like to know who is our visitors!
We check out our site daily, and also we like to inform you that if your reason to visit here is for a bad reason or to spy on us, we urge you to leave the site and find another place to visit!

Norway is a country full of daily scandals and Human Rights Violence!
For those people who do not know, please never check on newspaper or media on the internet because they not telling the truth. You need to add to Facebook or other Social media to read what actually is going on in Norway!
Now it has come up that a man was in prison for 21 years, and he was innocent all the time. This is now a big case in Norway, and remember, if you are interrested in knowing the truth, check out Facebook!

Thank You!

And for those who only spy on us: We do follow you!!

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