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Av | 25. oktober 2022

Happy Tuesday to all our followers.
Time is running, and lots of things is going on behind people’s back in many, or should I say every country?

Well, I do believe many people can see and understand to be careful about reading MSM, ‘Main Stream Media‘ and believe what they write and try to fill people’s head with.
The fact about MSM is that they receive lots of  money from country government to write what they are told to write. Sometimes it can miss the fully information, or sometimes they write to confuse you in hope that you not believe in what you read in Social Media.

Me, as a writer here I have many many years of experience, I have learned in several ways, and there are reasons why we here have put up this system in hope that it can be spread all around the world.

We do not write for the reason to terrorize any person, but we write for telling the truth. If names are put out, that’s because those people are public people working in public institutions or systems where we are by law allowed to put out names.

In Africa, news put out photo’s and names on people freely, and that gives us possibility to use Africa systems to put out photo’s and names on people. If this is the only way for us to put out the truth in public, we intend to do that!

We have much to do, much to tell the world about big scandals in Norway that’s going on now, and many things has been going on for many years, but MSM has had a big role to hide this from people.
Norway has been convicted lots of times in European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg by violating Human Rights, and it seems that they try to ignore this and thinking that this will be forgotten. But that will never happen in Norway.  Lots of people wants their rights back, their children back to their home, and much much more.

We know that many people are opening our site and read what we tell, and we always like to keep track of our visitors. We have a big system behind our site, but we always keep a friendly tone, and we do not share any information we get here to other people or other systems.

if you, for any reasons have any questions, please direct them to radio. free. norway @ hotmail. com ( Remove spaces in email address)

Thank you so much!

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